Herøya Industry Park Freight Traffic Management Workshop

Join experts and authorities, leading researchers, and exciting stakeholders to discuss and exchange knowledge.

On the topic

Traffic management is about the management of the traffic flows in transport networks (roads, railways, fairways, air corridors, and waterways). Today, the focus is mainly on safety issues and capacity problems in limited networks within the mode. In addition, automation initiatives aim for safe and efficient integration of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) in traffic. 

Future traffic management must be more holistic and resilient: 

  • By holistic, we mean that the traffic networks must be seen as a whole since problems in one network may affect the rest of the network and even other networks. 
  • With resilient, traffic management must handle everything from typical, everyday situations to foreseen and unforeseen abnormal situations and disasters.

For CAVs, the goal beyond safe operations is to support transport operations useful to society and businesses. In combination with resilient traffic management, CAVs must arrange for more reliable, predictable, efficient, and sustainable freight transport.

To be discussed

The workshop will address resilient and holistic traffic management and how such traffic management can support future freight transport, in particular:

  • Situations where resilient traffic management may contribute to improvement and make transports more reliable and optimal. 
  • The adaption of resilient traffic management to the needs in freight transport. 
  • Use of CAVs in freight transport in combination with resilient traffic management.